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I don’t like lawyers; aren’t they all just out to make money?

I don’t like lawyers; aren’t they all just out to make money?

Of course lawyers need to earn a living – just like teachers, office workers, truck drivers, doctors, musicians, flight attendants, and construction crews. And yes, the money we earn as lawyers comes from representing clients – often clients who have been hurt or injured.

But the fact is, our legal system relies upon there being two sides to every story, with lawyers on both sides telling those stories.

If you are dealing with the complex damages that result from a car crash, a doctor's negligence, a defective product, or corporate greed, then you need an attorney to tell your side of the story and ensure your rights are protected – you can be certain the other side isn’t going to.

More importantly, there is no money in "frivolous lawsuits" - in fact, as lawyers, we are obliged to present legitimate claims fairly and accurately. And calling an attorney does not mean you are perpetuating some unfair money-making scheme whereby we get rich on your misfortune.

Our Constitution is a statement of law, from which all of our personal freedoms and rights are derived. If you have been hurt or your freedoms and rights have been compromised, then you need a lawyer who is skilled at navigating that area of law to work for you.

At NB&W, we take the Constitution seriously. We do not file meritless suits and we do not make money when you can't recover compensation.

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When you call us, there is no charge and no obligation to work with us, but there is always a limited amount of time that you can make a claim for your injuries.

Call us today and tell us what happened - together we'll discuss your options and then you can decide what is best for you.