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Medical Malpractice St. Louis

When you visit your doctor or check into a hospital, you go to be helped – whether to find a medical solution to a medical problem, to seek relief from pain and suffering, or to obtain preventive care for your future.  Unfortunately, these measures don’t always work; sometimes, people get sick, people don’t heal, and people die. 

But when you go to your medical professional for healing and end up worse than before because of a doctor or nurse’s mistake, hospital negligence, or someone’s carelessness, that is not right. 

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Popular media likes to throw around terms like “frivolous lawsuits” and “tort reform,” and we’ve all heard about how the one is causing the doctors to leave our state and driving up our healthcare costs, necessitating the other. 

 But there is a difference between creating problems and rectifying problems. 

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You should not have additional pain and suffering plus added medical expenses on account of someone’s negligence.  And it is in everyone’s best interest, including yours, to make sure those negligent parties are held accountable so they don’t hurt anyone else.

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When you have been hurt by the carelessness, error, or recklessness of a healthcare provider or because of a negligently-operated medical facility, your claims are not frivolous.  You could be dealing with physical harms that require additional medical treatment.  This could mean added medical expenses, possibly time away from work and lost wages, and perhaps even prolonged pain and suffering.  Even worse, you could have lost a family member due to someone’s medical negligence.

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We have no interest in “frivolous lawsuits” – it’s not your best interest or ours.  And we certainly wouldn’t want to harm those people who make our world safer, healthier, and happier.

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With experience in assisting those who were hurt by a medical professional’s negligence, Newman Bronson & Wallis is here help.  We understand the law governing medical malpractice, and we have a history of successfully advocating for our clients who were injured by careless doctors and hospitals.  And we have the ability and means necessary to conduct a thorough investigation to gather the evidence to build a case.

If you were hurt by a medical error, whether it was a misdiagnosis, an overlooked issue, a wrongly-prescribed medication, a poorly-maintained facility, or any other occurrence that happened on account of someone’s mistake, call us today and tell us what happened – we are here to answer your questions for no charge or obligation.

We want our healthcare field to promote health - so we want to work hard on behalf of those who were hurt, not helped, and to hold accountable those parties responsible. 

Help us help you start to recover; help us help keep our community safe for your families and ours.