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Collisions and Wrecks with Tractor Trailers, 18-Wheelers, Big Rigs, and Semis

Driving safety standards exist to protect not just the driver, but those around the driver as well.  This means every person who gets behind the wheel has a responsibility to obey the rules of the road and practice safe driving:  drivers must be awake and alert, not intoxicated or drowsy; drivers must keep their eyes on the road not be distracted by their cell phone or texting; and drivers must watch out for dangerous conditions like bad weather or other reckless drivers who are speeding or operating unsafe vehicles.  As drivers, we all know these rules and likely we all try to follow them.  But even still, safe roads are not always the reality and accidents happen.

Car accidents can cause serious physical injury, even death.  But the average car weighs 3,000 pounds; compared to the 80,000 pound enormity of a tractor trailer, it is easy to understand how the injuries sustained from a collision with a commercial vehicle can be so much more devastating.  The fact is, truck accidents are rarely minor.

This is why the training and license requirements for truckers involve stricter safety standards than for car drivers.  In addition to those rules of the road that all drivers have to obey, such as not driving drunk, keeping focused on the road, and being extra careful when it is slippery or during rush hour traffic, for example, truckers must also follow special rules.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 C.F.R. §§350-399) are in place to try to make sure drivers operating such massive vehicles are doing so with the utmost care.

Drivers of 18-wheelers and tractor trailers face challenges car drivers usually do not.  For example, truckers can suffer from fatigue on long cross-country trips.  This is why there are limits on how many hours a trucker can drive per day and requirements for how much time they spend in the sleeper bunk.  Also, because of the nature of the vehicle, truckers need to be conscientious of any cars in their blind spots and must be careful of not skidding and causing the trailer to jackknife. 

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These rules sound like common sense.  Well, they are.  Often times, a major wreck involving an 18-wheeler could have been avoided, had the driver obeyed the rules of the road. 

Sometimes, the fault is not only driver’s.  Unfortunately, some companies put profits over people and require less training, substandard maintenance, and faster deliveries.  These money-saving attempts put the truckers at risk of causing a wreck, which puts everyone on the road at risk of being victim of a devastating accident.

Accidents caused by corporate greed or driver carelessness should not happen.  Collisions with 80,000 pound vehicles can destroy lives and have devastating effects on you and your family forever.  When truck drivers disregard the safety rules, they put all of us at risk.  When trucking companies encourage their drivers to disregard these safety rules because keeping up with maintenance or training is too costly, these corporations must be held accountable.

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Newman Bronson & Wallis has over 100 years of experience in representing victims of major accidents involving trucks, tractor trailers, and other commercial and motor vehicles.  We are familiar with these complex regulations and experienced in dealing with these types of companies.   We are skilled at investigating these types of accidents and gathering the necessary evidence for proving your personal, financial, and physical injuries.  And we know your injuries have cost you more than the price of fixing your car.

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