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Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Medication Attorneys in St. Louis

Pharmaceutical and Prescription Medication Defects

As our medical field becomes increasingly adept at identifying and treating illnesses, infections, disorders, and diseases, our country’s prescription medication use will also increase.

Approximately half of all Americans were prescribed and took at least one prescription medication in the past month, when asked, during the years of 2007-2010, and that number is rising today. The national spending for prescription drugs in 2008 (more than $234 billion) more than double that spent in 1999, and that number is also rising. 

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As the demand for more medical treatments rises, so too does the potential for pharmaceutical companies to make huge profits.  Unfortunately, too often we find out that companies cut corners with testing or research, and the results are often fatal.

Or sometimes, it is a mix of medications that causes you harm.  This could be the fault of any number of parties – the doctor who prescribed the medications, the information that company released about the medication, or a combination of several parties.

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You should not suffer as a result of taking a medication that was meant to help you.   If you have been hurt or become ill on account of a prescription drug, you could be entitled to recover compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, or possibly even for your future care. 

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We have many years of experience successfully representing people who were hurt by medications.  We understand the complexities of the law governing the medical field and we are skilled at advocating for our clients’ rights.