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Why should I call NB&W?

Why should I call NB&W?

Even though every person is entitled to equal protection under the law, not all lawyers are created equal.  Finding a lawyer who you trust and who will best represent you is important – and it is your right to make this choice for yourself.

We can’t promise you the world; nor can we even tell you that no other lawyer will do a good job for you.  We can only tell you what we believe in, how we operate, why we do what we do, and when we have been successful.  The rest is for you to decide.

At NB&W, we believe in social justice and equal protection under the law.

We strive to promote justice by advocating for people who are injured and suffering from social injustice.  Our priority is to protect our community – which means to give a voice to those who have been hurt and to put the law to work rectifying these wrongs.  We do not care how big or powerful the defendants are; we have advocated for victims in the most unequal and unfair of situations. 

And at NB&W, we do this for no charge up front, out of pocket to our clients.  We seek to recover compensation for those who were hurt, and we only get paid if and when we are successful.  This means that we will we do not discriminate against any person for any reason – we seek to right wrongs and empower those who need help. 

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At NB&W, you will work one-on-one with an attorney.

NB&W is a small, family-based firm with a long history of personal, dedicated representation.  We are a team of four attorneys and three paralegals, all working together to ensure our clients get the best attention and service possible.  Each team member at NB&W has an important role to play and is integral to our success and your recovery. 

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However, at NB&W, we also believe that legal representation is not merely about customer service, but rather about a working knowledge of the law and legal advocacy.  That is why when you call to inquire about your legal rights, you will make an appointment to meet with an attorney; and if you choose to have a NB&W attorney represent you, you will work one-on-one with Leo, Mark, Marc, or Meghan – the attorneys at NB&W – when preparing and litigating your case.  Although we all work together as a team at NB&W, we put the law first.  Whether you are working with Leo, Mark, Marc, or Meghan, you will have access to your lawyer by phone, email, and in person so you can have your legal questions answered and be sure your legal rights are being protected.

At NB&W, we have over 100 years of successful legal experience because we understand the law and we listen to our clients to make sure we are giving them a voice and advocating for their best interests. 

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At NB&W, we care about our community. 

We are a team of family-oriented attorneys who have strong ties to our community and a commitment to social justice.  We do not merely endeavor to help rectify the injustices our clients have faced; we personally strive to make our community and world safer, healthier, and more just for every person in it. 

At NB&W, we take our commitment to righting wrongs and promoting justice seriously and personally.

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At NB&W, we are successful.

Founded in 1958, NB&W has successfully represented thousands of people and recovered compensation for their bills, pain and suffering, and future well being.  In so doing, we have held accountable carless doctors, drunk drivers, negligent employers, and profit-driven manufacturers so that these parties cannot hurt anyone else. 

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We strive to make our community safer and fairer for everyone – for your families and ours.  We believe that everyone has the right to work and live in a safe environment.  And we believe that when someone has been hurt by another’s negligent disregard for the safety rules, that person should be held accountable. 

At NB&W, we have over 100 years of combined legal experience representing victims of personal injury accidents caused by others’ negligence and defective and dangerous products and medications. Call us today and see if we are the right lawyers to advocate for your rights.