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Train Accident Lawyer

Although rail travel may seem like a quaint throwback to an olden time, the reality is, railroad and train accidents still happen in this country every day, and there is nothing antiquated about the damages such wrecks can cause.  Just within a span of 6 months in 2013, seven major train wrecks occurred across the US, causing unthinkable damage and numerous injuries: 

There are thousands of rail and tram accidents each year.  Because of their massive size, any collision or derailment can cause catastrophic injury – even when traveling at slow speeds.  Damages can include physical injury, loss of wages from missed time at work or even an inability to continue working altogether due to permanent disability, or worse, death.

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Proving these damages in a court of law requires pinpointing the cause of the accident, which means identifying the party who was negligent.  The laws governing the rail industry are complex, however, and the major rail corporations are armed with attorneys who are skilled at fighting these types of claims.

At NB&W, we have over 100 years of experience representing victims of train crashes and railroad accidents.  We are familiar with the railroad laws and know how to deal with the railroad industry.  More importantly, at NB&W, we have the means and ability to invest in the necessary investigation to build your case.

If you have been injured in a rail accident – no matter what the cause, whether as a passenger or pedestrian or in your car - contact us today.   The statute of limitations for railroad accidents are strict and you need an attorney on your side immediately. We are here to listen and answer questions for no cost or obligation. 

Let us help you start to recover; help us keep our community safe from these types of accidents happening again.