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When do I need an attorney?

When do I need an attorney?

You need an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been seriously hurt by or suffered because of someone’s negligence, whether at home, at work, on the roads, or by your doctor – especially when the party responsible has hired representation.

You need an attorney when you are seriously hurt…

Minor slights or bumps and bruises are not always appropriate for the courtroom; but if you are facing serious injuries or significant expenses due to an accident or someone’s negligence, or if your injuries will have long-lasting or even permanent consequences on your life or the well being of your family, you need an attorney on your side to advocate for your rights and help you recover. 

You need an attorney because insurance companies don’t always want to pay you…

Although the purpose of insurance is to cover us in case of accident or injury, recovering from an insurance company isn’t always that easy.  Just because the other driver had collision insurance to cover any liability or your doctor has malpractice insurance to cover any medical error, still, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to show the insurance company your injuries are serious.  The same is often true when suing individuals for their negligence.

You need an attorney when the parties responsible have defense attorneys on their side…

Some legal issues can be settled between insurance companies or even handled out of court and without attorneys.  But if the party that caused your injury has a defense attorney on their side, it is best for you to have professional representation.

Whether it was a truck, medical, or any other kind of accident, personal injury lawsuits are often defended by the negligent party’s insurance company.  This means that you won’t be dealing with the other driver or even your doctor, but rather a big insurance company that employs teams of defense attorneys for the sole purpose of keeping down costs – and avoiding paying you. 

Having an experienced personal injury attorney advocating for you is crucial for ensuring your injuries and damages are considered and your concerns are heard. 

Do not put you and your family at risk of being overpowered and silenced – our civil justice system is here to protect you, and the attorneys at NB&W can help.

If you have been injured at work, on the roads, at your doctor’s office, or because of someone’s negligence, call us today. We are here to answer questions for no charge or obligation.

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