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What happens when I call NB&W for a free case consultation?

What happens when I call NB&W for a free case consultation?

When you call NB&W, one of our legal assistants – Dani, Danielle, or Kerry – will ask you some questions to gather a few facts about your case, and then either put you in touch with an attorney or schedule a time for you to come in and talk to an attorney (Leo, Mark, Marc, or Meghan).

The first consultation meeting can last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the details of your case.  You should bring with you whatever documentation is relevant, including medical records, photographs, etc. 

You will explain to the attorney what happened, and the attorney will explain what possible legal rights you have.   During this meeting, you can ask any questions about your case and the legal process.  Together we will decide whether and how we can help you.  This consultation is free and there is no obligation to have an NB&W attorney represent you.

If you and the attorney agree to work together on your case, you will sign a “contingency fee agreement,” which states that you agree for this attorney to represent you and that the attorney’s fees will be a percentage deducted from any settlement or judgment or recovery. 

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 Then, your attorney will immediately start gathering the necessary evidence to build your case. 

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Many personal injury cases have a short time period for when you can file a claim – so if you have been hurt by someone’s negligence, you need to find out what your rights you have immediately. So call us today.