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Toxic & Chemical Exposure

Often, the byproducts of manufacturing can include toxic or poisonous substances.  Manufacturers have a legal duty to dispose of such harmful substances in a safe manner; but not all companies comply with all environmental regulations.  And sometimes, the environmental laws governing our health and safety fail to protect us from insidious poisons and chemicals. 

Toxic poisoning and chemical exposure can cause countless harmful effects to our health and our environment.  Such harm can come from numerous sources, including:

  • Lead smelting, lead processing, lead paint;
  • Coal mining and processing;
  • Asbestos removal and disposal;
  • Plastic and vinyl manufacturing and disposal;
  • Pesticides; and
  • Cleansers, solvents, and other detergents, just to name a few.

These toxins can be produced during the manufacturing process or exposure could be the result of careless storage or waste disposal. Noxious gases can permeate the surrounding environment, while airborne particulates can collect in the nearby soil or farmland.  Improper disposal of toxins can not only pollute the water systems but also can seep into the ground water, infiltrating our homes and schools.  Thus, contact with poisonous or toxic chemicals can occur at work, during use, at home, or in numerous other settings.