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Toxic Chemical Negligence

When people are exposed to toxic chemicals like PCBs, lead, detergents, asbestos, particulates, gases, liquids, or other substances, they can suffer from severe and permanent harms.  When peoples’ suffering of such harms is due to toxic exposure because a nearby plant or manufacturer has negligently polluted the surrounding air, soil, water, or environment, those companies have not only violated peoples’ rights, but also broken the law. 

A company’s disregard for its neighbors’ health and well-being is against the law; that company must be held legally accountable. 

At NB&W, we have a long history of experience advocating for individuals who have been harmed by careless and negligent companies that put profits over people.  We understand the laws regulating environmental pollution and we are all too familiar with how big corporations attempt to side-step those safety rules. 

We want the environment to be safe for your families and ours.  If you have been exposed to a toxic chemical or poisonous substance, or if you are suffering from effects that appear to be caused by some sort of toxic exposure, contact us today.  We will listen and answer your questions for no charge or obligation.  

Help us help you; help us protect our environment so that we may all live in homes and communities where it is safe to drink the water, safe to breathe, and safe for our kids to grow up healthy and happy.