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Who is at Fault?

Who is at fault when you have been harmed by a medical product & your legal rights:

If you have been prescribed a medication or have been treated with a medical device that was defective or had hidden harmful side effects, you could have a case against the manufacturer of that dangerous product. 

 This area of law is called products liability – it means that the entities involved in the creation, design, research and development, and manufacture of that product are liable for their negligence in putting out a dangerous product. 

 If you were prescribed medications that counteracted with other medical products you were using, you could also have a case against your medical providers or doctors for their negligence in not finding out enough about your medical history or not keeping an eye out for potential dangers. 

This area of law is called medical malpractice – it means that the people in charge of monitoring your health were negligent in their care. 

If your pharmacy made a mistake in your prescriptions and you were hurt as a result of being given the wrong medication, you could have negligence case against the pharmacist and the pharmacy. 

Sometimes it not always easy to pinpoint when and where the error occurred – that is why you need an attorney skilled at conducting investigations and collecting evidence to help you start to build your case. 

And sometimes it is the unfortunate combination of a number of errors that causes you serious injury, meaning several claims against several defendants are required to build your case. 

When you have a legal claim based on another party’s defective product, poor design, carelessness, negligence, or error, you can make a claim in a court of law to try to recover not only reimbursement for your medical bills, but also possibly compensation for your pain and suffering and loss of loved ones.

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