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Mesothelioma Lawsuits & Responsible Parties

So who is responsible?

That is the tough question that all defendants in a mesothelioma claim will try to make you answer.  And it is why you need an experienced mesothelioma lawyer on your side to start gathering evidence and building a case. 

Possible responsible parties could include:

  • Your employer – maybe your job did not tell you that you were at risk of exposure to cancer-causing substances? Or maybe your employer did not provide you adequate safety equipment to protect you from exposure?  Employees have the right to work in safe environments; an employer’s negligence means that company could be liable for your injuries.

  • A family member’s employer – many employees transported home on their clothes the asbestos fibers they handled at work, causing their family members to suffer from prolonged exposure with zero protection.

  • Manufacturers – throughout the last 30 years, much data has surfaced showing that many manufacturers of asbestos products not only knew the product was harmful, but also actively attempted to cover up this knowledge.  Knowingly exposing employees to risk of such harm is a serious legal issue.

  • Building constructors, demolishers, or owners – many buildings in our country had asbestos in the walls, pipes, or flooring.  Installation is not the only time where people could have experienced deadly exposure:  negligent maintenance of the building or negligent asbestos removal is also highly risky.  If the owner of the building in which you lived or worked exposed you to asbestos either from substandard building maintenance or negligent asbestos removal, that owner could be liable – even if it was a school or government entity.

Sometimes people get sick for no reason.  But mesothelioma and asbestosis is not genetic, and developing it is not simply bad luck. Asbestos-related diseases are caused by asbestos exposure.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, it is because you were exposed to asbestos.  If your employer or building manager did not protect you from this harm, that person is responsible.  If a party knowingly exposed you to asbestos and carelessly put you at high risk for developing mesothelioma, that party is facing a serious legal liability. 

We all should have the right to live, work, and breathe without fear that someone else is putting toxic materials in our airways and knowingly exposing us to risk of deadly diseases.  If you have been exposed, you need an experienced mesothelioma attorney on your side to advocate for your rights. 

Contact NB&W today and tell us what happened.  There is no obligation or cost.  Help us help you; help us protect our community. 

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