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Utilizing a Lawyer

Why do I need a lawyer? I have insurance.

You are correct that the insurance companies can and should pay for any medical bills or auto repair. Sometimes, this is all you need.


What if you have a previous medical condition that was aggravated by the collision?

What if you did not notice the pain was worse until months after the settlement?

What if you start having symptoms of whiplash or even nightmares from the trauma of the collision long after the case is closed? 

Or what if your injuries start to affect your job performance?  Your bills were paid… but suddenly you’re struggling at work and not sure you can successfully do your job? The insurance companies won’t reopen the case; so what do you do?

Or what if the other driver’s insurer does not believe you? Or what if the other driver lied?

Not all damages are immediately recognizable.

Not not all people are honest.

Just because someone is insured, it doesn’t mean you are protected.

And even if everyone is doing their best, still, maybe you just aren't being heard.

Whatever the facts of your case are, you need an experienced attorney to identify all potential damages and ensure you are heard and fairly represented. 

Calling an attorney does not mean you have to file an unnecessary lawsuit or that you are personally attacking the driver who accidentally hit you.  On the contrary – it means you are making sure you are protecting your rights and being smart about dealing with a situation that may cause you long-lasting problems. 

If you are dealing with the complex damages that result from a car accident, you need an attorney to represent your needs and protect your rights. The lawyers at NB&W can help.

At NB&W, we will listen to what happened and answer your questions. If you have a legal issue, we will tell you what steps you need to take to protect yourself. There is no charge or obligation - now or ever.

At NB&W, we want to help you so that we can help make sure our roads are safe for your family and ours. 

Help us help you; help us help our community.