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Misconceptions About “Lawyers”

Q: What's the difference between a lawyer and a liar?
A: The pronunciation.

Lawyer jokes abound and we’ve all heard them.  But just any other fill-in-the-blank “how many _________ does it take to screw in a light bulb” joke or “did you hear the one about the ___________” joke, such stereotypes aren’t necessarily true. 

But all joking aside, we don’t want our friends, families, and neighbors in our community to reject our help on account of an over told and untrue one-liner…

Myth #1:  Lawyers are just in it for the money.

You are correct that lawyers need to earn a living – just like teachers, office workers, truck drivers, doctors, musicians, flight attendants, and construction workers.  And it is true that the money we earn as lawyers comes from representing clients – often clients who have been hurt in a car accident. 

But there are two assumptions in that sentence which are not true:

First, there is no money in a frivolous lawsuit. Lawyers can’t go around suing people and getting paychecks in return– the legal system does not work like that.  Legal cases require legal arguments, which means arguments based on logic, and law, and real facts.  So if there is no law or facts to support a legal claim, there is no lawsuit to win and no money to get. 

Second, at NB&W, we do not charge our clients any fees unless and until we successfully recover compensation for you.  Our fees come out of any settlement or judgment – not your pocket.  This means that if we do not recover for you, it costs you nothing and we do not get paid.  So we’re not just ‘in it for the money’ – we want to protect our communities and protect our families and help you recover.

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Myth #2:  I don’t need a lawyer; it was a simple accident.

Although we’re all familiar with the idea of a “fender bender,” the reality is that very few car accidents are simple.  Collisions can cause unforeseen automobile damage as well as physical injuries – many of which do not immediately show up.  Loss of work, permanent disability, or time away from home? Those are even more difficult to receive compensation for. 

While it is true that you might fully recover from a dented fender with reimbursement for your auto repair, if your accident is more serious, you need to make sure that every potential consequence – whether immediately recognizable or not – is considered and accounted for.   

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Your job after an accident is to recover –physically, mentally, and financially.  Let an attorney do his or her job of making sure you have everything you need to do so. 

We have many years of experience in representing victims of automobile accidents; we know what questions to ask, what evidence we need, and how to deal with the complicated legal issues involved in major accidents so that we can help you recover compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Myth #3:  I don’t want to sue the driver; the driver didn’t mean to hit me.

The word “lawsuit” is thrown around so much on television and in the movies that it has gotten a bad reputation.  Don’t be fooled by the popular media. 

Negligence does not mean cruelty; it does not even mean that the negligent driver did anything on purpose.  On the contrary – they are called car “accidents” for a reason.  Accidents can be caused by all sorts of things – sometimes just a series of unfortunate events or even a split second of inattention. 

But the damages from a car accident can be financially expensive and can have long-lasting physical and emotional effects. 

Making sure that you are fully protected and fully compensated for your damages and injuries does not mean you are attacking someone who accidentally hurt you.  Hiring a lawyer is not about fighting. It is about making sure you have an advocate on your side – someone representing you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to ensure that you are heard and considered by all parties. 

If you have been in an accident, the other driver’s insurer or attorney cannot and will not advocate for you.

We can.  Contact us at NB&W.  Tell us what happened and we will answer your questions.  There is no charge or obligation.  We want to protect our families and neighbors.  Help us help you; help us help our community.