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What to Do

What to do if you have been in car crash:

Whatever the circumstances of your collision, always follow these steps to protect yourself and your family:

1.) See your doctor.

Even minor collisions can cause physical injury. Sometimes injuries aren't felt for days or weeks after the crash. A bump on the head could have lasting or serious effects. Your doctor will know what questions to ask and what to look for, and if you have suffered any physical harm, your doctor can help you get the treatment you need. So it is crucial to see your doctor after any collision - whether or not you feel hurt.

Also, for any injuries - especially those which start to manifest days or weeks after the crash, you will need medical records to prove they are real. If you never went to the doctor, you'll have a much harder time claiming injuries weeks or months later.

Your health is the most important concern. But for the sake of your future and your family it is important to get to your doctor to be checked out immediately following any car accident.

2.) Call your insurance company.

It is important to call your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident - you don't want them hearing from the other driver first.

But don't be quick to agree to anything; even your own insurer is obliged to keep down costs, so their best interests and your best interests may not line up. You can be sure that the other driver’s lawyer or agent will not be thinking about your long term financial, physical, and emotional injuries and damages.


3.) Call an attorney.

Always consult with an attorney about your potential damages before signing any documents or settling any claims. In a situation like this, only your lawyer truly represents you. Your lawyer will be the only person in these negotiations speaking for you and the only person advocating for what is best for you and your family.

Too, the full ramifications of an car crash are complex and may not be immediately identifiable. An experienced attorney will know what questions to ask, what evidence to collect, and what rights you have that need protecting.

At Newman Bronson & Wallis, we work to protect our clients' rights and recover compensation for all current and ongoing damages - financial, medical, and emotional.

At NB&W, striving to make community safe for our families and neighbors is our primary focus. There is no obligation, so contact us today and tell us what happened.

Help us help you; help us help our community.