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Plane Crashes due to Air Traffic Control Error

Mistakes made by air traffic controllers, whether miscommunication or overlooking essential data, could create dire airway situations.  And faulty air traffic control devices could mean the information relayed from the tower to the pilot is, simply, bad information. 

Any one of these air traffic control errors could result in unthinkable crashes or accidents, even if the pilot was operating with the highest degree of care and the plane met all safety standards. Like the air traffic control tower, those individuals and devices on the ground that guide in the aircraft and keep runways and landing pads safe must also operate with the highest degree of care. 

 And still more individuals and devices are responsible for an aircraft taking flight, such as fueling, de-icing, and other pre-flight steps. 

 The investigation of an aviation accident does not stop with the aircraft itself, but necessarily involves all related parties.  This is why you need an aviation accident attorney with reconstruction experience and the means to conduct a thorough and proper investigation. 

Identifying the negligent person or company means that they can be held accountable for their errors and you can start to recover for your injuries and damages.

Call us and tell us what happened – We are experienced at advocating for victims of aviation accidents. Help us help you start to recover.  Help us help keep our airways and community safe.