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Who is at fault?

This is the question that usually needs to be answered in order to prove an aviation negligence case. 

Even a seemingly simple mistake or seemingly small broken part can cause devastating accidents when involving aircraft.  Figuring out what happened – meaning what mistake was made or what part was faulty, or a combination – can be the key to helping you recover from this tragedy and making sure such a tragedy never happens again. 

Accidents happen every day. But aircrafts are designed to be airborne and pilots are trained to be able to navigate even the most challenging air conditions. So when aviation accidents occur, it is usually because of negligent operation, manufacture, or maintenance, or on account of someone's disregard for the mandatory safety standards.

We are experienced at advocating for victims of aviation accidents.  Call us and tell us what happened – help us help you start to recover.  Help us help keep our airways and community safe.