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Plane Crashes due to Defective Airplane Equipment

Before they are even installed in the plane or helicopter, all parts must undergo rigorous safety testing.  Hopefully that process, combined with the regular maintenance of all aircrafts, will ensure all parts continue working safely forever.  But sometimes inherent defects may not appear for many years or until certain conditions are met, like a certain number of pounds or specific degree of temperature. 

Defectively designed or defectively manufactured parts can fail years after they are first used – and such failure may mean serious injury and death.

Defects like these can cause:

  • Metal fatigue or cracking
  • Altimeter failure
  • Autopilot system failure without warning to the pilot
  • Fuel tank or gas line leaks, for example, just to name a few.

In order to hold a manufacturer liable for its defective product, evidence is necessary for proving the defect and the manufacturer’s negligence in overlooking it or culpability in hiding it.  An experienced aircraft accident attorney knows how to conduct such an investigation and gather the necessary evidence.