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Plane Crashes due to Substandard Maintenance

In order for a massive machine to take flight – literally to get off the ground and into the air – hundreds of small interworking parts must function correctly.  Malfunction of even the smallest part on a plane can cause huge problems with dire consequences. This is why airplanes and helicopters must undergo routine safety inspection and maintenance. 

Unfortunately, in this tough economy, many business owners are cutting corners to reduce costs.  This could mean that there were fewer inspections or that they mechanics employed to perform the inspection were less well-trained or qualified. 

 Safety inspections look for:

  • Broken parts
  • Worn out or overstressed parts
  • Outdated parts that should be replaced by stronger, more reliable, more effective parts,
  • Or the converse – newly-designed parts installed into old aircraft that are a poor fit or that don’t mechanically align, such as a too-big engine for a small plane

 Routine maintenance includes:

  • Oil changes – just like an automobile, airplanes and helicopters require oil changes to continue functioning properly.  But just like when you take your car to the mechanic for a routine oil change and a small mistake can have devastating consequences, so too can a missing oil cap or a misplaced part pose grave danger with the vehicle and to the passengers. 
  • Tune ups – again, just like your car, aircraft require routine tightening or replacement of parts, which brings with it the risk of substandard performance. Were the parts incorrectly replaced? Were the parts tightened too much, creating strain? Or were they overlooked and left loose and rattling around? 

If a plane owner, airline, flight company, or maintenance crew failed to do the job correctly and with the highest degree of care to make sure that aircraft was in safe working order, those negligent parties are responsible for your injuries and damages caused by the accident.  No person should suffer from another’s cost-saving or inattention.