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Plane Crashes due to Bad Weather

Although bad weather is often involved in aircraft accidents, the reality is that by itself, a terrible storm usually won’t be the reason for an aviation accident.  This is partly because bad weather is predictable – meteorological devices are designed to see storms brewing and potential risks for flight.  This is also partly because airplanes and helicopters are designed to withstand severe weather. 

So when a plane or helicopter crashes, it was usually due to someone’s negligence. 

For example, even if aircraft can be operated in certain weather conditions, still, pilots and crews must perform necessary precautionary measures in order to accommodate them, such as in flight de-icing – ice building up on the wings and plane is common during flight; but not taking the necessary steps to de-ice the plane could cause a plane to crash.

Being able to identify the negligent party is the first step to helping you start to recover.